Service Rates

We strive to offer a clear and transparent pricing model for all our services. We will not surprise you with overages or hidden costs.

Hourly Rates

If you would like to hire us for a fixed amount of time we recommend that you take up our hourly rate. Our rates start at KES 10,000 + VAT per hour of on-site or remote support services. The hourly rate varies depending on the complexity of the support request.

The hourly rate is billed at 30-minute increments with a minimum purchase or 1 hour.

Projects planning or consulting is billed per hour.

We will make recommendations to our customers on the level of effort required to undertake a support request but our customers have the responsibility to inform us if they have a budget cap per engagement. Each hour is billed regardless of the outcome.

Flat Rate Billing

We appreciate that some support requests and projects take longer and can’t be billed hourly. We advise our customers to use the flat rate / project-based billing option. We will develop and agree on a scope of work (SoW) and timeline for such projects and support requests and provide a flat rate for the duration of the project or support request.

Service Warranty

We take great pride in our work. As such, we guarantee that our services meet the highest performance standards. All our projects and support requests have a 30-day express warranty covering the original scope on the condition that no modifications have been made that affect the performance or quality of the service without prior notice. Any service related to, but not covered in the initial scope of a project or support request, is billed separately.

All equipment supplied and installed by Infoscale Computing is provided with warranty with respect to the terms and conditions indicated by the manufacturer or vendor.

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