Virtual machine migration from VMware ESXi to Hyper-V

StarWind V2V Migration

Project description

The client had a failing VMware ESXi host that was experiencing frequent purple screen of death (PSOD) during office hours. The host was running a critical database and an Accounting application that had to remain available at all times.

Client Objectives

1. Migrate the Microsoft SQL database server and Accounting application to a different virtualization host/platform.

2. Attach the virtual machines to the same VLANs after migration. The virtual machines should retain their original IP address.

3. Test the application after migration from client software installed on user machines.

Implementation Plan

Our work plan to achieve the customer’s goals was as follows:

  • We took inventory of the existing virtual machines, including IP address, port groups and VLANs on VMware ESXi, virtual hardware (CPU, memory, virtual disk controller type, VMware Tools).
  • We installed Hyper-V Server on a host server provided by the customer and configured NIC teaming using LACP. The LACP uplinks were connected to the same switch as the ESXi host.
  • We configured a LAG on the switch connected to both ESXi and Hyper-V host and tagged the appropriate VLANs on the LAG.
  • We configured an External Virtual Switch on the Hyper-V host using the NIC team adapter.
  • We added a secondary NTFS volume on the Hyper-H host to separate system I/O from virtual machine I/O. The secondary volume was backed by a RAID 10 logical drive using SAS 10k drives.
  • We used StarWind V2V Converter to convert the VMs from ESXi to the Hyper-V host and placed the VHDX files on the secondary volume.
  • Once migration was complete we configured a VLAN ID on each virtual machine’s network adapter.

Project Outcomes

We reviewed the virtual hardware and started the VMs.

  • Both virtual machines started successfully and were reachable on the network using the original IP address.
  • The Accounting application was accessible from desktop client software installed on staff computers.

All identifying customer information has been changed or redacted.

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